Upcoming at China Gourmet’s Music Hall:
Live Music and Delicious Asian Cuisine!
Come, bring your friends for dinner or appetizer and enjoy.
We are committed to be the best of the Metrowest.

Here is our starting lineup:
April 13th - Saturday - Booty Vortex
Boston’s Finest Funk and Disco Band
Show: 9:00PM     |     Tickets $15.00

April 20th - Saturday - Let it Bleed
A Rolling Stones Dance Party
Show: 9:00 PM     |     Tickets $ 12.50

May 31st - Friday - Dead Letter Office
The R.E.M. Tribute
Show: 9:00 PM     |     Tickets $ 12.50

Reservations: joeg@nemusicawards.com

Click here for Tickets

Tuesday poker night
Wednesday poker night
Thursday college night

Enjoy your favorite games
on our 90 inch TVs!